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Group Reference


Get information about a group

Endpoint details Params
Url /group/{fb_id}/
Date selection


Field name Description Return value Details
url Grytics Group Slug string -
name Facebook Group's Name string -
min_date Minimum date available for analysis date -
max_date Maximum date available for analysis date -
entity_data Extra data for the group : cover url & description array -
cover Facebook Group's Cover url string -
description Facebook Group's Description string -
privacy Group privacy string "PUBLIC", "CLOSED" "SECRET"
type_id Grytics Type id integer -
category_id Grytics Category id integer -
is_delegated True if this group is delegated from a team leader boolean -
timezone Group timezone timezone -
last_update DateTime of the last update on Grytics datetime -
history True if an history has been run boolean -
nb_members Number of members integer -
nb_active_members Number of active members integer -
engagement_score Engagement score float -
activity_score Activity score float -
update_running Whether an update is running boolean -
update_failed Whether an update has failed boolean -
external_id Original id of the group int -


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