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Endpoint details Params
Url /albums/{album_id}/
Date selection


Field name Description Return value Details
album_id Id of the album string -
people_id Member id integer -
description description string -
people_name Member name string -
created_time Datetime when the album was created datetime -
updated_time Datetime when the album was updated datetime -
extra_params extra_params string/json Or Null
nb_comments Number of comments integer -
nb_reactions Number of reactions integer -
nb_likes Number of likes integer -
nb_love Number of love integer -
nb_haha Number of haha integer -
nb_wow Number of wow integer -
nb_sad Number of sad integer -
nb_angry Number of angry integer -
nb_shares Number of shares integer -
engagement_score Engagement score float -
engagement_score_album Engagement score inside the album float -
nb_angry_album Number of angry inside the album integer -
nb_sad_album Number of sad inside the album integer -
nb_wow_album Number of wow inside the album integer -
nb_haha_album Number of haha inside the album integer -
nb_love_album Number of love inside the album integer -
nb_likes_album Number of likes inside the album integer -
nb_reactions_album Number of reactions inside the album integer -
nb_comments_album Number of comments inside the album integer -
nb_photos Number of photos inside the album integer -
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